Yee Loong's Core Business & Services

Mechanical And Structural Steel Engineering, Design, Fabrication, Field Assembly / Installation And Commissioning Services For:
  • Oil & Gas And Petrochemical Industries
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Steel Mills
  • Oleochemical Plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Lime Kilns / Hydrated Lime & Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Structural Steelworks
  • Automotive Plants
Design, Shop Fabrication And Field Assembly of Process Equipments / Pressure Retaining Parts In Compliance To ASME Sect. VIII Div.1 / Div.2 / Sect.1 / PED / etc.:
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Power Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Incinerators
  • Flare Stacks
  • Skids
  • Liquid Seal Drums
  • Thermal Oxidizers
  • Reaction Furnaces
  • HRSG
  • Pressure Piping

Complementary Services

Blasting & Painting

Most of  the  projects undertaken by Yee Loong  requires strict surface  preparation,  projects  for oil & gas industry, power plants, cement  plants, chemical and refinery plants often require high quality surface preparation to ensure the paint work has good adhesion to the steel components. In some high temperature components, heat resistant paint up to 600°C  is often used and strict paint application procedure compliance is important. Whether the paint work is normal, heat or chemical resistant, Yee Loong provides blasting and painting to its fabrication work accordingly to client's requirements.

QAQC programme  is  implemented at  every stage of  the  blasting and painting work to ensure work specification are fully complied. Yee Loong carries out various blasting and painting inspections jointly with paint manufacturer’s inspector i.e. chlorides tests, profile tests, adhesion tests  (Pull-Off / X-Cut test ), holiday test etc  and all inspections are carried out with the attendance of paint manufacturer’s NACE level 3 inspector.

Blasting  & painting  are carried out in our covered  blasting  room as  well as on an open yard for  large items  and at  auto- blast  plant  for   large quantity  items as and when applicable.

Non-Destructive Examinations

Yee Loong is fully equipped with Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors, Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauges, Magnetic Type Dry Film Thickness  meters, Eddy Current type Dry Film Thickness  meters, Alternating Current Magnetic Particle Inspection  yokes,  Dye Penetrant Testing  chemicals, Laser  Distance  Meters, Portable X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyser for PMI, Portable Hardness Tester, Dual Pen Pressure and Temperature Recorder, Surface Profile Gauge, various Callipers, Micrometres  and   measuring  instruments  necessary  to perform  full  Quality Control / Checks internally. We are  also familiar  with  various  types of  Destructive / Non Destructive Testing  methods and techniques.

Yee Loong’s  Quality Assurance & Quality Control Inspectors  are personnel qualified  in various fields. Their qualifications  includes, but  not  limited to CWI,  CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector, CSWIP 3.0 Visual Inspector, ASNT Level 2 Ultrasonic Testing, ASNT Level 2 Magnetic Particle Inspection,  ASNT Level 2 Dye Penetrant Testing, PCN Level 2 Ultrasonic Testing ( 3.1-Plates, 3.2-Pipes, 3.8-TKY  joints, 3.9-Nozzles ),  PCN Level 2 Magnetic Particle Inspection, PCN Level 2 Dye  Penetrant  Testing, CSWIP  Radiography  Interpretation  and  PCN Radiography Interpretation.


Yee Loong  also work closely with fully accredited 3rd party Destructive/Non Destructive Testing companies who conducts all types  of  Destructive / Non Destructive inspections  as  per  the requirements of  the  project including  TOFD,  Phased  Array, Acoustic  Emission,  Eddy  Current,  Positive  Material  Identification,  Leak   Testing  by  various  methods  as  per ASME V, Alternating  Current  Field Measurement Technique, Magnetic Flux Leakage Examination, Remote Field Testing, and  all  other  advanced  NDE  techniques  as  per  ASNT / ASME V / AWS D1.1 / API / other codes. Several Destructive/Non Destructive Testing laboratories are located within 20km from Yee Loong and these facilities compliment our project requirement perfectly.

Yee Loong  is  authorized  by  the  American  Society  of  Mechanical  Engineers (ASME)  to  construct  pressure vessels/power boilers that meets the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. The Authorized Inspection Agency is ABS Consulting (M) Sdn Bhd and the appointed ASNT Level 3 is qualified in Radiographic Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Dye Penetrant Testing and Radiography Interpretation.